Its been over 2 years since I have been on the computer, I am not as slow on the Emails as on the newsletter but it is time for an update.

The last 2 years have been really hard for me and Shingani Safaris due to the problems I have in clearing trophies out of Zimbabwe.  This have never been a problem in the past in South Africa but for me not being the Outfitter in Zimbabwqe got to the point of no control and no progress. Currently I am sitting with over 20 buffalo 4 leopard and 2 elephants and some plainsgame that is not getting exported.  The paperwork for these trophies have been done over and over and I have paid fees and permits 3 times over in some cases.  I have paid taxes of 4.2% on every safari that was a rip off,  I have paid bank clearance fees of 2.2% on every safari that I now know does not exist.  What I realized after 4 years in trying to get my trophies oout of Zimbabwe is that everything I paid went into somebodys pocket and that nothing was ever done to clear my trophies and that the deeper I got into it and the more koney I threw after it , the harder it was going to be to get out of it or to get my trophies out.   In a few  cases where we did get the paperwork done and the trophies went to the taxidermy and shipper a new battle started.  More than 15 clients paid the taxidermy for dip and shipping and got e mailed the permits of the trophies and was told week after week, month after month that these trophies are being shipped, “ next week “ These people that did deal with Moses knows that it is the most frustrating situation to be in you can imagine.  Lies upon lies.  As I saw that this was not going anywhere I went to SCI hunt report and are dealing with Barbara and told her all that is going on.  I gave her every clients information and she contacted every client and got all the information about dealings and e mails and payments between these clients and Moses and Nickson.  She also got all my proof of payments and negotiations and e mails and whatsapp messages from both of these characters  promising week after week that shipping is happening.  Then as soon as SCI got involved these 2 guys stopped  all correspondence with me and when I entered Zimbabwe the last time had me arrested for sabotaging.  I got a lawyer quick and got out of it and out of the country asap/  . My question was what did I sabotage .  I sabotaged their illegal income from me and clients that is desperate to get out trophies.  They wanted me to be arrested for sabotaging their businesses as a white man from south Africa because I went to SCI and SCI to the authorities. They pulled the racial card.  As I am writing this I am still in a daily battle with them and hope that  with the help of SCI and the zim authorities this will get in a positive outcome. I will  not give up until all that belongs to me and my clients and that we paid for is in our hands. I know that all clients of mine trusted me and my judgement to hunt them in an area where they wil get game and will get their trophies. The first part I did and I will continue in all my ability to get them there trophies. 

 I have not returned to Zimbabwe after my arrest and have moved all my buffalo hunts to south Africa on 30 000 acres.  Very nice place with elephants, lion  and buffalo and a very tuff hunt.   

The Zimbabwe trophy issue has cost me bad publicity in all its right but I will continue to hunt and will set the scores straight.  I am glad to say and I thank everybody that’s hunted with me for years and keeps supporting me no matter what.  This year is tuff and hunting is down but next year looks really good.  I hope when I write here next it will be to say we are having progress.  Until I see you again here or in the states.  Happy hunting.




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